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Geography field studies in Dorset.

Please contact us to discuss course content in detail and remember that we tailor each course to meet your exact requirements.


Our field courses for GCSE follow a geographical enquiry model approach and provide numerous opportunities for students to use quantitative and qualitative methods when collecting primary data. 

Both of our locations in Dorset offer an excellent range of field sites to study

  • coastal and river landscapes

  • causes and management of flood hazards

  • small scale ecosystems

  • urban / rural settlements including regeneration

Please follow the links below to view some typical GCSE course programmes.

A Level

Our field courses for A Level can be tailored to cover a mixture of course content and case studies, geographical and fieldwork skills and preparing students for their NEA coursework.

Both of our Dorset locations offer easy access to

  • unrivalled coastal landscape systems fieldwork sites on the Jurassic Coast

  • tried and tested fieldwork sites for carbon and water cycle studies, including contributing to long-term monitoring of carbon-sequestration in soils

  • urban and rural settlements undergoing regeneration, counter-urbanisation, rural deprivation etc

  • great secondary data resources

Please follow the links below to view some typical A Level course programmes. 

IBDP, iGCSE and other specifications

Please contact us directly to discuss courses for IBDP, iGCSE, International A Levels and Scottish Highers.

Please note that we also run courses for IBDP ESS.

Please follow the link below to view a typical IBDP geography and ESS course programme.

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