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About us.

Geofieldwork Ltd specialises in developing and running high quality residential Geography and Geology field study courses for GCSE, IGCSE, A Level, IBDP and Scottish Higher Level in the UK, Andorra and Spain. Geofieldwork Ltd was set up in March 2018 by Barry Cullimore, formerly the manager at Leeson House Field Studies Centre in Dorset.

As we are a small company we can tailor our courses to meet your exact needs and unlike many larger field study centres we are very happy to run courses for small class sizes.

PRICE for TUITION ONLY from just £200 per day - please refer to the prices and booking page for more details.

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For our courses in the UK we provide tuition, equipment and all fieldwork resources.
We can also find suitable accommodation and transport for you but we ask you to book these yourselves as this reduces our administration costs and the final price that you pay.

For our courses in Andorra and Spain we provide tuition, resources and equipment and our partner company, SunSports Tours and Tournaments organises all transport from the UK, either by coach or flights, all transport during the course, half or full board accommodation in a 3 star hotel, fully accredited services of an established, STF registered, UK school tour operator and Spanish inbound tour operator.


We are currently busy running our very popular and respected VIRTUAL fieldwork courses for GCSE and A Level Geography, plus IBDP Geography and ESS.

Our online field courses cost from £80 per hour and we tailor the sessions to your local area / requirements.



We can also come to you and run the field course from your school / college.

The cost is from £200 per day + travel / subsistence expenses.

Please follow this link to learn more about these courses and how they can provide essential fieldwork support during the current restrictions.

Some recent feedback about our courses.

"From the first 5 minutes, it is clear that Barry Cullimore is not only a world-class teacher, he is also a very friendly and approachable coach continually adapting his practice to fit the learning style of individuals with which he works. Feedback from pupils was that he made complex ideas seem easy thanks to his use of props, humour, enthusiasm, and well-chosen field locations to help explain Geography".

"Excellent delivery of content, excellent subject and field knowledge"!

"The NEA in new A Level is so much easier to get through with your help - not just in the field but in terms of your excellent geographical knowledge, statistical wizardry and basically being able to benefit from the wealth of experience that you have in Geography coursework! You are so flexible and patient too -   wouldn't want to go anywhere else now"!

Inspirational field studies for Geography and Geology in the UK, Andorra and Spain.

Geofieldwork Ltd is sponsored by Jurassic Outdoors of Swanage,

Dorset's leading independent outdoor retailer.

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​Geofieldwork Ltd is a private limited company, registered in England and Wales

Company number 11239894

The registered office address is

Dunvant, Haycrafts Lane, Swanage

Dorset BH19 3EE

07496 737066



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Here at Geofieldwork Ltd we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to provide the information, products and services you have requested from us.

We do not share your data with any other organisation and we do not use your data to send you any details of other products or services.

In the event of a data breach we will follow the current Information Commissioners Office guidance by

a) completing and submitting a breach notification form within 24 hours of the breach

b) informing our customers as soon as possible that a data breach has occurred and

c) taking all possible remedial steps to prevent any further loss of data.

ICO reference number ZBOO 5351

Geography field studies coasts, place, tectonics in Spain
"Well planned fieldwork in Geography adds clear value to learning in the subject as well as providing a positive contribution to the wider curriculum. Pupils gain first-hand, practical experiences which support and reinforce knowledge, skills and concepts explored in the classroom. Memorable experiences support long-term learning and recall. Good fieldwork encourages geographical enquiry and frequently can lead to higher-order thinking and learning" Ofsted 2005

Thanks to Graham Pritchard, Wolfgang Schrober and Julia Cullimore for permission to use some of their photographs for this website. 

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