Geofieldwork Ltd runs unique and inspirational field study courses for Geography and Geology in the UK and Spain. We teach courses for IGCSE, GCSE, A Level, IBDP and the Scottish Higher Level specifications.


The location, duration and detailed content of each course can be adapted to ensure that the course matches the objectives, class size and budget of each school.


Our A Level and Scottish Higher Level courses can include opportunities for students to devise and collect data for their NEA coursework  / SQA assignments alongside teaching a wide variety of case studies, fieldwork skills, analytical and evaluation techniques and exemplars of the core content of the specifications.

A Level and Scottish Higher Level Geography topics.
A Level Geography Arid Dryland Desert Fieldwork
A Level Geography Water and Carbon Cycle Fieldwork Dorset
Acheninver Hostel River
A Level Geography Glacial Fieldwork Scotland
SQA Higher Geography Soils Biosphere Fieldwork
A Level Geography Fieldork Making Places Changing Spaces Rebranding Scotland North Coast 500
A Level Geography Fieldwork Coasts Spain
A Level Geography Tectonic Hazards Fieldwork Spain
A Level Geography Fieldwork Dorset Place Studies Counter Urbanisation
A Level Geology courses.
Geology field studies
A Level Geology field studies in Dorset
Please contact us for further details of the courses that we run for IGCSE, GCSE and IBDP.