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A selection of useful links for each of our fieldwork topics
Glaciated Landscape Systems
Mapping Scotland's Fjords
Further reading.
The Quaternary of Western Sutherland and Adjacent Areas,
Field Guide edited by Lukas and Bradwell, QRA 2010
Reconstruction of Loch Lomond Stadial Glaciers on Ben Mor Coigach, Chandler and Lukas
Journal of Quaternary Science (2017) 32(4) 475-492
Coastal Landscape Systems
Catalan Coastal Defences
Catalan Beach Management

Tectonic Hazards and Volcanic Landscapes

Risk Assessment for Garrotxa Volcanic Field 2016

Place Studies - Spain

Official Statistics Site of Catalonia

Centro de Descargos (maps)


Place Studies - Dorset

DataShine 2011 census

Dorset Explorer Census

Green Map System

3D population maps

Rural Deprivation