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Example programme for Scottish Higher Level Geography Fieldwork course.
Based at Acheninver Hostel, Scotland
Prices from £250 per student (excludes transport to / from Acheninver)

Day One - arrive at Acheninver Hostel mid afternoon. Welcome briefing and time to settle in. Walk to the local beach for introductory session on the local geology. Evening session to set the aims for the course and a practical session on sampling methods.

Day Two - Hydrology study local to Acheninver Hostel or Coastal Landscapes Study. Evening follow up session.

Day Three - Glacial Landscapes Study. Landforms of erosion and deposition. Evening follow up session.

Day Four - Soils / Biosphere Study. A morning session on soil fieldwork techniques and opportunity to study a gley, a podzol and a brown earth. Afternoon session to design and undertake small scale individual enquiries on the variety of soils and soil forming factors on a headland local to Acheninver. Evening lab analysis of soils and follow up.

Day Five - finish soil analysis, plenary session, departure after lunch.