Soils / Biosphere

Based from Acheninver Hostel, Scotland

Scottish Higher level Geography Fieldwork Soils Biosphere
Our location in and around Acheninver offers excellent opportunities for fieldwork for the SQA Higher Geography Biosphere / Soils unit. There is very easy access to all 3 key soil types of gley, podzol and brown earth within the immediate locality of the hostel.
A short walking distance away is the Rubha Dunan headland where there is a variety of soil types due to different underlying geology, the variety of slope angles, slope aspects and historic land use patterns. There is ample variety here to support a good variety of potential Higher Level assignment projects.
We have an excellent set of field and lab equipment to enable investigations in many soil characteristics including %soil moisture, %organic, texture, infiltration and pH.
Field data can be compared to secondary data sources such as Scotlands Soils map and the James Hutton Institute. SIFSS database.
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Geofieldwork Ltd has received grant support from the British Society of Soil Science to help in the purchase of field and laboratory equipment for soil field studies.

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