Regenerating Places

Based from Acheninver Hostel, Scotland

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Fieldwork for our unit on Regenerating Places takes place locally to Acheninver Hostel and in the nearby town of Ullapool. Students undertake a variety of quantitative and qualitative fieldwork activities to assess the impact of the North Coast 500 rebranding on highland economy and environment.


It is an excellent case study of rural regeneration on a large scale and offers a lot of opportunity for students to design and collect data for the A Level NEA or SQA assignments.

A full day of fieldwork is required for this unit, with an additional day for work on NEA projects and SQA assignments.

"The 516-mile North Coast 500 route was created by the North Highland Initiative (NHI) as a tourism product that would capitalise on the natural and cultural assets in the North Highlands and generate economic opportunities for the area. Established in 2014 and with its official launch in June 2016, the NC500 has received substantial media coverage and anecdotal evidence has indicated that it has been a real success with a very positive impact on visitor numbers". Training and Employment Research Unit (TERU) University of Glasgow March 2017

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