The fieldwork for the Arid / Desert Landscape systems option is based in two stunning locations in Southern Spain.
The Tabernas Desert Natural Park is considered to be the only real desert in mainland Europe.. With a semiarid Mediterranean climate, rainfall of 250 mm per year, an average temperature over 17° C and relatively soft sedimentary rocks, the Tabernas Desert is an ideal location for A Level Geography fieldwork. We visit an area of badlands close to Tabernas village to study a variety of landforms related to aeolian and episodic fluvial processes. The field sites offer the opportunity to undertake some excellent quantitative fieldwork and can lead to a wide range of NEA project ideas.
The Cabo de Gata Natural Park is a diverse area of coastal and mountainous scenery. It is a UNESCO Geopark and Biosphere Reserve and contains some endemic xerophytic plant communities. There is a small area of sand dunes close to one of the most beautiful beaches in the park, Playa de Monsul. These dunes show features that are closer to barchan dunes than coastal sand dunes and provide an excellent opportunity to study aeolian transportation and deposition on a small scale.
Further information on the fieldwork can be found here.
tabernas desert geography fieldwork

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