Acheninver Hostel, Scotland

For fieldwork in Glaciated and Coastal Landscape Systems, 

Regenerating Places, Hydrosphere / Hydrology and Biosphere / Soils

Acheninver Hostel is on the Ben Mor Coigach Wildlife Reserve, part of the North West Highlands UNESCO Geopark.  It is amongst some of the most stunning wild scenery in the UK. 

This hostel is ex-SYHA and full of character, accessible by foot only via a 300m track from the car park. There is a lovely beach a short distance away and the hostel overlooks the Summer Isles with jagged mountains in the far distance. 

Due to the remote location there is very little light pollution and so the night sky can be truly spectacular, with a possibility of seeing the Aurora Borealis during a field trip here.

The hostel has been comfortably renovated with a cosy common room, 2 dormitories and 3 glamping pods, kitchen and a drying room. There are plans to complete a purpose built classroom by October 2018.

Despite the remote location of this hostel there is broadband wifi here to help with secondary research and data analysis.

Due to the size of the hostel and also the transport logistics in such a remote area, group size is limited to 16 students and 2 staff. 

Breakfast and packed lunches are provided on a help-yourself basis with the evening meal cooked by hostel staff. 

Travel to Acheninver is easiest by flying to Inverness Airport and from there Geofieldwork Ltd staff will meet you and arrange transport onwards to Acheninver (approx 2 hour transfer by minibus). A wide range of budget airlines operate regular flights to Inverness.

Follow this link to the Acheninver Hostel website.

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