GCSE and A Level Geology on the Jurassic Coast of Dorset
Based in Swanage
Our courses on the Jurassic Coast are very popular with schools delivering Geology at GCSE and A Level.
There are a number of superb field sites all within a short walk or drive from our base in Swanage. 
All of our courses can be tailored to meet your exact requirements but here is an example of a typical 3 night A Level field course based in Swanage
Day one - arrive at Lulworth Cove mid day. Lunch on arrival and then short class session for a health and safety briefing and an introduction to the local geology.
Fieldwork based in Lulworth Cove starting with basic notebook skills, rock ID and descriptions and strike and dip readings.
Continue to Swanage and check into your choice of accommodation.
The evening session will be a review of the field observations, further work on rock ID and descriptions using hand specimens and preparation for the following days fieldwork.
Day two - based in Swanage and Langton Matravers. Graphic logging of the Purbeck Beds in Durlston Bay, field sketching of a small syncline and determining paleo-environments of the Purbeck and Wealden Beds. We also do a short drive to Langton Matravers to visit the dinosaur trackway at Keates Quarry.
The evening session is spent drawing up the graphic logs and preparing for the following days fieldwork.
Day three - based in Kimmeridge. Field sketching of faults, anticlines, mineral and fossil ID, joint orientation measurements and sampling strategies, plus a visit to The Etches Collection museum.
The evening session is spent plotting joint orientations and relating our results to the local and regional tectonic history.
Day four - based at Osmington. A morning spent studying paleo-environments, using trace fossils as way-up indicators, observational drawing of fossils and sedimentary structures and a chance to do some fossil hunting. 
Departure after lunch.
Costs will vary depending on the time of year and choice of accommodation so please get in touch with us to discuss further.

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